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Milling with diamond
CNC diamond tools
Diamond tools for the
Diamond tools for the construction industry
Diamond tools for stove and fireplace building
Use on stationary grinding machines

Surface processing

Diamond grinding shoes and bars
Diamond grinding shoes in "Frankfurt" form segmented or covered with grinding buttons. For finer grains with synthetic resin binding. Diamond grinding bars for bobble heads with curved segmentation in 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 und 200mm length.

Diamond button plate
Grinding plates covered with diamond buttons are generally used on jointed grinding machines. Depending on grain the application area reaches from removing old inscriptions to ...

Diamond tablet plate
... very fine grains (synthetic resin bound grinding tablets) or polishing. Tools of these grains are also used on flat surface machines. If desired the tools will be supplied with a spring plate which easily generates constant grinding pressure.

Planet head grinding discs
MORITZ diamond grinding discs for planet grinding heads
Regardless of whether for surface or side processing we equip your grinding machine with sintered diamond grinding discs. Up to 3rd grinding station depending on machine and application!
- Change the tool every 6 months rather than 3 times a day!
- Save valuable time and money and improve the environment at the same time
  through markedly reduced grinding swarf
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Side processing and grinding rollers

Pre-milling cutter, sintered
For coarse pre grinding - in combination with our synthetic resin bound edge grinding discs the ideal combination for quick, effective working - without constant tool changes and with little grinding swarf.

Diamond edge grinding discs (synthetic resin bound, grain A-F)
Depending on the number of available machine stages we have the right combination for flawless polishing. Proven hundreds of times for granite AND ENGINEERED STONE!

Cup shaped cutter
For coarse pre-milling, if required. Rely on our proven segmented bindings.

Combination cutter
Two jobs - one tool: coarse pre-milling cutter and insertion of water grooves with high performance diamond segments, precisely tailored for this application.

Diamond grinding roller system "XL"
Our best selling grinding roller product, specially for gravestones and all work up to 200mm working height. With the quick change system we have designed you can change ALL the following tools in seconds:
- saw blade package
- milling roller
-pre-grinding roller (sintered, bound or galvanic)
- fine grinding rollers
- polishing rollers

The substantial, rust protected mounting mandrel has an average diameter of 65 mm. Compare this with the dimensions of our competitors and you will know why worn fittings are not known to us!

Diamond grinding roll system "S"
The ideal system for problem free working on inner contours. Thanks to our innovative quick change system you can change all tools from the milling cutter to the polisher in seconds

Diamond grinding roller system "XXS"
For the smallest radii, designed for use on your CNC controlled machine. 7 stage, perfectly matched for flawless polishing results.

Profile diamond abrasive roller set
tools for your special use e.g. for processing shower receptors

Chamfer processing

Chamfer cutter
Unrivalled - our chamfer cutter for your side machines. Sintered, durable, problem free - for optimum results. With suitable connection for ALL machine types.

45° cutter
For large, artistic chamfers on monuments and other workpieces which have to be worked on with the same stack.

Combination tool for upper and lower chamfer the same stack! With R1/2" connection for your CNC-machine

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