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Hand grinding discs

The wide ring - our best!
That is the one you are looking for. The one with the legendary take off performance.
Graphite component means there is no blunting. Reinforced outer ring for ever sharper tool edges. Wide diamond covering for safe working on corners and edges too. Coating a good 5 mm!

Our scrubber
Unprecedented high take off performance with quiet running. Only for professional use.

Turbo hand grinding disc
Alternative design with excellent abrasive performance.

Hand grinding disc R25 convex
Ideal for working on fillet welds and curved surfaces. Available in various radii.

Hand grinding disc R13 concave
For straightforward edge processing.

Hand grinding disc 10mm SPECIAL
Like our wide ring but full 10mm coating. With the reinforced outer ring ideal for deep edges and offsets.

DGB 100
Bonded abrasive plates have proven themselves with coarse grains due to their high take off performance and long service life in particular

Synthetic resin bound grinding plates (wet)
Our biggest seller in the area of synthetic resin bound diamond wet grind. High abrasive performance and perfect polish. Intermediate coarseness and coarse grains also obtainable in copper bonding .

Synthetic resin bound grinding plates (dry)
SUPER SHINE - THE dry grinding plates D8100mm for outstanding polishing results (can also be used wet of course) will never put them aside!

Grinding rollers

Diamond grinding rollers for use on hand machines
We offer you a selection of proven grinding rollers with various diameters and lengths for use on hand machines (angle grinders, die grinders) in dry operation. Regardless of whether you are looking for a bonded covering in coarse grain or synthetic resin bound fine grinding rollers: We have the right one for you.

Diamond grinding pencils

we offer them in many different shapes and sizes, the shaft diameter is 6mm or 3 mm. Other shaft diameters on request.

Diamond grinding pencils (sintered)
Our sintered diamond grinding pencils and mini cutting discs stand out with their high take off performance combined with a very long service life. For quick, economical working in granite.

Diamond grinding pencils (bonded)
We offer our bonded diamond grinding pencils in many different shapes and sizes. The service life is considerably higher than for galvanically covered tools in granite due to a special high vacuum application process. The tools are absolutely stable and are particularly suitable for fine work.

Diamond grinding pencils (galvanic)
Galvanically covered diamond grinding pencils are your first choice for processing marble. Absolutely stable and particularly good grip.

Abrasive pads

For the finest work choose our synthetic resin bound diamond handpads. With them you will be able to work on hard to access areas with high elasticity.

Working on curved surfaces (paraboloid draining surfaces, shower receptors)

Grinding joint
Our tool set which was specially developed for these new applications contains everything that you need for successful processing: Pre-milling, smoothing, grinding and polishing tools and the flexible grinding joint with integrated grinding pressure generation. For CNC machines and also angled joint grinding machines with contact cap for use of templates.

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