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Milling with diamond
CNC diamond tools
Diamond tools for the
Diamond tools for the construction industry
Diamond tools for stove and fireplace building
Diamond tools for the construction industry


Diamond cutting discs for hard material
old concrete, concrete block, kerb stones, masonry, cement plaster, reinforced concrete...on angle grinders, heavy joint cutters or wall saws: We supply the correct diamond cutting disc for each application. Professional quality of course!

Diamond cutting discs for abrasive material
asphalt, screed, fresh concrete, aerated concrete, poroton, sandstone and brick the correct diamond cutting disc for each application, professional quality of course and with tilt segments when required. We will be happy to advise you!

Diamond chain saw
Optimised for professional use: Very quiet running and an extra long service life in abrasive materials make our chainsaw a star among chainsaws. Suitable for all common diamond chainsaws and cutters. For all uses under particularly difficult conditions: Are you already sawing or is there still some doubt?
As a complete chain or endless for simplified storage (for use of several saws with different cutter lengths)

Diamond cutting rings for ring saws
for optimum cutting performance with our HS quick cut covering, complete with drive roll for your K3600

Drilling WET

Hollow diamond drill with tip
Hollow diamond bits with small diameters are given our proven tips. These are matched exactly to the material to be processed and guarantee maximum economy and speedy working.

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Hollow diamond bit segmented
Hollow bits for larger diameters are given powerful diamond segments. The configuration of our UNIVERSAL diamond bit segments guarantees quick drilling progress in all common construction materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry etc. Test our quality!

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Bits for tiles and hard ceramics
Modern ceramics are always increasing in hardness. MORITZ diamond bits specially for hard ceramics have met this challenge. Our bits are available from a diameter of 4 mm as core bits and from 6 mm to 50 mm as hollow bits.

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Drilling DRY

Diamond socket drill bit
High quality laser welded socket drill bits which master even the most difficult masonry are available as standard. Really get things moving on the building site with MORITZ diamond socket drill bits. With us you will get socket drill bits with M16 inner thread in the diameters 32, 52, 68, 82 and 112mm (also with centre drill if required).

Diamond dry drilling system
The MORITZ diamond dry bore system is the solution anywhere where dry drilling cannot take place and wall penetration is required. The dust suction guarantees almost dust free drilling in the diameters 32, 52, 68, 82, 112 and 127mm. The fully developed bayonet lock means the bore depth can be extended in 300mm stages. This creates a high degree of flexibility.

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