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Milling with diamond
CNC diamond tools
Diamond tools for the
Diamond tools for the construction industry
Diamond tools for stove and fireplace building
CNC diamond tools

For processing of inner contours on wash basins, for formation of monuments or curved steps: We have got the rollers in the diameter which you need and the optimal working length for your applications. Starting from the milling roller, via pre, coarse and fine abrasive rollers right through to polishing. After all the latter must be correct!

Sinking milling cutter
THE tool for layer by layer taking off of inner contours and milled slots. Fully sintered ring, exchangeable insert with M8, M10 or M12 thread.

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Drill (hollow/tip/core)
Our high cutting performance diamond hollow drills especially for CNC machines are your first choice for all bores from Ø4 to Ø200mm

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Our most recent innovation in the field of abrasive rollers for CNC machines: For perfect polishing even with the smallest radii (12 mm). Each roller of course with its own R1/2“-mount.

Combination tool for upper and lower chamfer the same stack! Galvanic covering for the most stable form, 2 stage if desired.

Finger miller granite/engineered stone
for universal carrying out of milling work, with high performance diamond segments. For (inner) sections we do however recommend our unbeaten, fully sintered sinking milling cutter (see above)

Marble finger miller
For use on calcareous rock we offer you bonded or galvanically covered cylinder ("finger") millers. Extremely high cutting performance with long service life is common to all available diameters and working lengths.

Extra thin design Ø10mm (with optional M14 inner thread for hand machines for retrospective processing of bores etc.)

Profile diamond abrasive roller set
tools for your special use e.g. for processing shower receptors

Kitchen draining surfaces tool set
Complete tool sets for the professional creation of kitchen draining surfaces: Matched milling, grinding and polishing tools. For perfect polishing at difficult points.

45° tools for milling and retrospective processing of the contact surfaces

45° grinding and polishing tools for the perfect draining surface

  Marble draining surface processing
For processing of draining surfaces made of sandy limestone and similar.

Universal milling set
your new favourite tool: With this you can play with small radii, cut numerically controlled contours e.g. for drainage surfaces. more information ... With the extension provided you can also work in deeper lying surfaces without difficulty. In a practical case.

Working on curved surfaces (paraboloid draining surfaces, shower receptors)

Grinding joint
Our tool set which was specially developed for these new applications contains everything that you need for successful processing: Pre-milling, smoothing, grinding and polishing tools and the flexible grinding joint with integrated grinding pressure generation. For CNC machines and also angled joint grinding machines with contact cap for use of templates. .

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