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Hand machines

Diamond dry cutting discs
Unrivalled cutting performance with good service life in all usual diameters. We offer our cutting discs with bore ( normally 7/8", equal to 22.22mm) or with a flange (M14) depending on your choice. Laser welded diamond segments provide a high degree of safety in the application. Materials: Granite, sandstone or concrete. You should not start with anything less.

Diamond cutting discs (galvanic coating)
Our galvanically coated diamond cutting discs were developed for smooth processing of marble on hand machines. Trouble free use and long service life With bore or flange (M14).

Curve cutting machines
Make a round/oval cut out time and again without having to invest too much? No problem with our curve disc. Segmented for granite and engineered stone, galvanically covered or bonded for marble.

Diamond chain saw
Optimised for professional use: Very quiet running and an extra long service life in abrasive materials make our chainsaw a star among chainsaws. Suitable for all common diamond chainsaws and cutters. For all uses under particularly difficult conditions: Are you already sawing or is there still some doubt?
As a complete chain or endless for simplified storage (for use of several saws with different cutter lengths)

Galvanic compass saw blade
Cut marble with a compass saw like balsa wood? Unfortunately it is not quite that quick. Nevertheless with our galvanically coated compass saw blades we have got our nose in front. Normal and extra long design for various working depths.

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