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We have an enormous range of diamond hollow drills and core drills available. We have got the right thing for you whether your prefer natural stone or brick. Unusual diameters, working lengths and machine connections do not present a problem or challenge for us: We have got the experience and the material - almost always ex warehouse!

Diamond hollow drill (tip)
For diameters up to approx. 30mm (greater if desired) we recommend our hollow drills with diamond tip. The balance of cutting performance and service life make it a favourite tool in hundreds of stone processing operations - from the artist to the granite works.

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Diamond hollow drill (bonded)
If wet operation is not possible.

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Diamond hollow drill (galvanic)
Our galvanic covered diamond hollow drills were developed for smooth processing of marble. Trouble free use and long service life

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Diamond socket drill bit
The standard tool on the building site - can be used dry and wet. Only for the professional.

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Diamond core drills
For smaller diameters up to approx. Ø12mm. Good cutting performance and without drilling core. Only wet operation.

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Drill/milling combination
The correct time saving combination tool for your special application.

Drill/counterbore combination
The correct tool for outflows, lighting elements and much more. Optimised specially for your application, these are real time savers.

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